It Has Been A While, But We Are Still Here

There are 3n4u babymany benefits to owning and operating a small business like 3 Nails 4 U Construction.  One of the benefits is being able to put work on hold when family life happens.  Phillip has just recently entered into a whole new stage of life.  He has become a father.  On August 22 he and his wife were blessed with a beautiful baby girl.  She has and continues to be a blessing to them.  During this time 3N4U has been put on the back burner.  Things are starting to settle down for Phillip and his family.  He is excited and eager for this upcoming holiday season, as it will be a season of many first for him, his family, and his daughter.  With that being said, as the holidays quickly get closer and closer, you may notice different repairs that need attention and attention quickly.  These may include drywall repair, touch-up painting, or trim repair, to name a few.   Phillip and 3N4U have their calendar wide open at the moment for any such repairs, remodels, or improvements.  The holidays can be busy and getting these little projects done can be quite tricky to work into a busy schedule. Contact Us to find out how we can help you with your repairs.  We will even help guide you through the repair with different tips and tricks should you decide to do the repair yourself!


Strange Water Spots

There has been a lot of rain in Virginia lately.  Have you noticed strange water spots on your ceilings?  These water spots could be cause 23190b3a-c825-4dcc-8ca7-5fa88c17a7db_300by several problems.  But if they are on you top floor ceiling, they may indicate issues with your roof.  Your first question needs to be, “Is anything missing?”  You should go outside and look at your roof.  Shingles could be missing.  This could be an easy fix.  If a shingle or two is missing, you simply replace the missing shingle.  Another simple cause for these water spots could be old roof vent flashing.  You know those pipes that stick out of your roof.  They are vent pipes.  They have special flashing that is partially composed of rubber.  Over time this rubber will begin to fall apart.  Thought replacing one of these is quick and simple, replacing one is more involved than replacing a shingle.  Contact us for more information about replacing an old roof boot.

Exterior Trim Maintenance

Fascia_Rot_2-250x187There are things about owning a home that can be frustrating.  One of those things is dealing with rotten exterior wood trim.  There are several things one can do to help prevent exterior wood trim from rotting.  Most of these tricks are to be done during the installation process.  Some are a matter of upkeep, such as filling cracks and repainting as needed.  But let’s be realistic, we are talking about wood that is exposed to the elements.  It will rot.  It is just a matter of time.  When it does rot, it needs to be replaced.  There are many how to videos out there showing how to replace roof trim boards such as fascia boards and rake boards.  You can watch them and give it a try.  Or you can hire us.  Either way, that rotten wood you have needs to be replaced.  It is not just a matter of making your house look good.  It is a matter of making your house last.  You may be thinking, “It is just a piece of exterior trim.  How can that affect the longevity of my house?”  Thank you for asking.  Though you may not realize it; your fascia boards, in particular, offer a great deal of protection for you house.  They are part of your homes first line of defense against the elements.  Your shingles, siding, windows, doors, and exterior trim boards protect you and the structure of you home.  If your fascia boards rot and are not taken care of, water will get in your home.  You will not seRotten Rafter Tails Outside 306e the internal damages at first.  The next part of you home to rot is your trusses and roof plywood.  It will start with the ends and work its way back to the rest of the board.  When enough of the truss rots away, the load capacity of the roof is greatly reduced.  This will allow for the roof to sag, the ceiling to sag, and open more channels for water to get in.  Your gutters are not nailed into just the fascia boards.  Instead they are nailed into the ends of the trusses.  Gutters begin to pull away from the roof when this wood is rotten.  Now with the fascia board being rotten, the ends of the trusses being rotten, the gutters pulling away, and the roof sagging; water will find any way down that is possible, gutter spikeeven through your walls and down to you floor boards.  The most common damage I have seen personally when fascia is left to rot is the tails of the trusses beginning to rot to the point they no longer hold nails for the fascia boards or gutter spikes.  Take a walk around your house and make not of any spots that need to be looked at.  Contact us and we will be happy to come out and take a look.

Some of the things we can do for you.

IMG_3977There are times when a certain project is not hard.  It may not be complicated.  It may not even take that long.  But, when you start to add some of these small projects together, they add up very quickly.  A closet shelf here, a closet shelf there, a clock here, a picture there, another clock here, assembling a little table, unpacking office furniture, and taking out the packing material are all small and easy jobs.  But adding them together easily makes for over 6IMG_3974 hours of work.  Who really has time for that?  3 Nails 4 U Construction does.  Last night we were up in Alexandria working in an office doing these little projects.  It was fun and rewarding to be able to check things off the list quickly.  Some times it is not a matter of “I can do it!”  Some times it is simply a matter of “I don’t have time.”  For those times it is good to have a go to person you can trust and rely on.  No matter how big or how small the project may be; we are here to help.  Contact us to find out how we can help you with your remodeling and improvement needs.